Peptide Hydrogel Case Studies

There are a growing number of application areas and different cell studies exemplifying the diversity of our PeptiGel® and PeptiInk® products. Here, you will find links to some compelling exemplar case studies that feature our products and services.

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Tumor Models

Characterisation of pancreatic cancer cells response to PeptiGels® that mimic healthy and tumour tissue properties

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Differentiation of Stem Cells

Delivering stem cell therapies for nerve repair

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Co-culture System

The use of PeptiGels® for the prevention of oesophageal strictures

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Growth of Kidney Organoids

The growth and differentiation of kidney organoids within PeptiGels®

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Growth of Liver Organoids

The use of PeptiGels® in the development of gastro-intestinal (GI) organoids

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Ovarian Cancer in vitro Modelling

Development of PeptiGel®-based 3D in vitro Model of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

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PeptiInks® in Action

3D bioprinting with PeptiGels® offer enhanced printability and cell viability

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