Quality Management Systems

Manchester BIOGEL is proud to guarantee the highest quality product across our entire catalogue range. Our processes and procedures are of a level commensurate with ISO 13485:2016 standards and ensure that you receive the same product, every time you order.

Our current Quality Management System allows us to track our processes from our incoming supplies, to production processes and all the way through to aftersales support. We have implemented a Quality Manual centred on ISO 13485:2016 standard; a standard recognised and held in high esteem within the medical sector.

Using our dedicated process and management systems we have monitored the increase in product quality over time and we are able to quickly trace product information for previous sales. This means we can provide timely information to our customers giving them confidence in the quality of Manchester BIOGEL products.

All customer feedback is distributed to all our specialist staff ensuring that our quality, in terms of products and services, is always improving.

For further information about our quality processes please contact our laboratory team at lab@manchesterbiogel.com

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