Platform Technology

Our peptide materials are fully synthetic and spontaneously self-assemble to form 3D nano-fibrous hydrogels that mimic the native extracellular matrix (ECM). The mechanical stiffness of these hydrogels is easily varied and can match the stiffness of any tissue type. The fibre surfaces can be (bio) chemically functionalised with several biomimetic peptide sequences from key ECM proteins that are proven to signal and enhance biological processes. These include RGD (fibronectin), IKVAV (laminin), YIGSR (laminin) and GFOGER (collagen).

The ability to tune the properties of the peptide hydrogels to provide the optimal environment for your cells’ needs, makes them the ideal synthetic alternative to animal derived matrices such as MatrigelTM and collagen.

Scientific background to the platform technology

Find out how our peptides self-assemble into fibrillar hydrogels and why they open up such a versatile material tool box

Current and prospective applications

Discover how and where our PeptiGel® and PeptiInk® products are meeting current healthcare and pharmaceutical needs

Collaborations and open opportunities

Have an idea and need some help in getting it going? Find out more about our collaborative  projects and opportunities here.

MBG Core Technology

Animal and disease free

Our hydrogels are fully synthetic and are animal, and animal product, free. They are 100% ethical. They are formulated to closely mimic a range of human tissues and in vivo environments, thus increasing the translatability to humans.


Our hydrogels are manufactured in our dedicated facility with rigorous quality control ensuring no variation in product quality. This gives you confidence that you will achieve the same results each time, providing enhanced data quality and reliability.

Mechanically tuneable

Our products come in a range of mechanical strengths and viscosities enabling you to optimise the scaffold for your cells’ and bioprinting needs. The range of stiffness’ available mimic all human tissue types and provide control over cell behaviour and fate.

(Bio) chemically functional

Bioactive peptide sequences can be incorporated within our peptide hydrogels to influence the dynamic interplay between cells and the ECM. This is done in a controlled and systematic way.

Convenient and ready to use

Our products are supplied as ready-made hydrogels. There are no complex temperature or pH control steps required; you simply seed your cells at room temperature and get results, saving you both time and hassle.

Printable, Injectable and Sprayable

The shear thinning properties of our hydrogels enables their flexible handling, opening up their use in high throughput liquid handling systems and extrusion based bioprinting. It also enables versatile delivery by injection, spray or endoscope for targeted drug delivery and cell therapies.


Our hydrogels are optically transparent making them compatible with imaging techniques to allow for live-cell imaging and real time quantification of cell mobility.

Clinically translatable

Our hydrogels are 100% ethical and their inherent biocompatibility opens up their potential for clinically translatable research.

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