Redefining cell culture for life science

At Manchester BIOGEL (MBG), we provide reproducible, chemically defined peptide hydrogels to meet your cells’ needs.

Our products are supplied ready to use and specifically designed for use in 2D and 3D cell culture, bioprinting, tissue regeneration and drug discovery.

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What we offer

At Manchester BIOGEL (MBG) we provide a family of synthetic peptide hydrogels that are animal and disease free, and have no batch to batch variability giving you the confidence to achieve reliable and consistent results, every time. Our hydrogels are inherently biocompatible and biodegradable offering you the potential to translate your research to the clinic and deliver life-changing therapies.

High-quality peptide hydrogels

Manchester BIOGEL (MBG), is a leader in the design and manufacture of synthetic self-assembling peptide hydrogels that provide a natural physiological extracellular matrix to support long term culture. They are modular and have fully tunable properties to simulate the natural environment of all human tissues.

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