Matrix Products

Our proprietary hydrogel technology allows us to offer a family of reproducible and reliable peptide hydrogels, with a range of mechanical and functional properties, to enable you to find the most suitable materials for your application needs. Our physiological and biologically relevant hydrogels mimic the cell micro-environment and provide a synthetic extracellular matrix that opens up new exciting opportunities with the fields of 3D cell culture, 3D bioprinting and drug discovery.

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Our biologically relevant hydrogels mimic the 3D cell micro-environment and require no preparation; simply add your cells at room temperature and get results.


Our hydrogels are optimised for 3D bioprinting to allow both cell viability and printability with structural definition using any extrusion based printer.

Bespoke Design Service

Our PeptiGels® and PeptiInks® come in a range of mechanical strengths and viscosities to enable you to optimise the scaffold for your cells’ needs and bioprinting parameters. The range of stiffness’ offered mimic all human tissue types and are reliable for you to gain control over cell behaviour and fate.

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