PeptiInks® BioPrint Products

3D Bioprinting

Bioprinting has been hailed as the next generation of 3D cell culture; the technique enables precise, spatial cellular arrangement through deposition of cells and their extracellular matrix component (bioink) in a layer-by-layer process.

Product Description

Our family of bioinks, PeptiInks®, are specifically designed peptide hydrogels for liquid handling and 3D bioprinting cell culture applications. Our biologically relevant PeptiInks® are shear thinning and can be used for 3D bioprinting with any extrusion-based printer. Cells can be encapsulated and printed directly with structural definition and long-term viability and stability.

PeptiInks® are engineered with a range of mechanical properties and chemical functionalities to mimic the native cellular micro-environment to allow the growth of any tissue cell type. Our PeptiInks® are linked to our PeptiGel® series, allowing you to continue using the most suitable product (e.g. Alpha1) for your cells when you transition from bench to printed 3D cell culture.

Product Features

Our PeptiInks® come in a range of standard formulations or functionalised PeptiInks® specific to your research needs and enhance biocompatibility with various cell types.

Standard PeptiInks®

Our range of standard PeptiInks® come with different formulation and properties. Our PeptiInks® are supplied in standard volumes of 5mL, 10mL and 20mL, and multiples thereof, in vials and in multiples of 3mLs in Leur lock cartridges.

PeptiInk®Alpha 1Alpha 2Alpha 4
G' (kPa)5101

When starting with PeptiInks®, we recommend our Starter Pack. This kit provides you with 3mLs of all three PeptiInks® to test with your cells and identify the most suitable environment for your cell and bioprinting needs.

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PeptiInk® Functional Kit

Explore a range of functionalised PeptiInks® that provide biochemical cues to investigate the response of cells in the 3D environment.

Our functional kits are supplied in standard volumes of 5mL, 10mL and 20mL, and multiples thereof.

Functional Kit 1Functional Kit 2Functional Kit 4
G' (kPa)5101
NoneAlpha 1Alpha 2Alpha 4
FibronectinAlpha 1 - RGDAlpha 2 - RGDAlpha 4 - RGD
LamininAlpha 1 - IKVAVAlpha 2 - IKVAVAlpha 4 - IKVAV
LamininAlpha 1 - YIGSRAlpha 2 - YIGSRAlpha 4 - YIGSR
CollagenAlpha 1 - GFOGERAlpha 2 - GFOGERAlpha 4 - GFOGER

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