Technology Background

With over 20 years of active research, we have developed a platform technology that enables us to drive and control the self-assembly of fully synthetic oligo-peptides into 3D fibrillar hydrogels, which mimic the natural extracellular matrix (ECM).

Our specially designed, short chain peptides spontaneously self-assemble into ß-sheet rich fibres. These long fibres subsequently associate and entangle with each other to form 3D fibrillar networks with a high-water content – hydrogels. Through careful selection of the amino acids in the peptide building block, tunable hydrogels are produced with defined mechanical strength, (bio) functionality and response.

As peptides are the building blocks of nature, our hydrogels are inherently biocompatible and provide a suitable environment for cells to survive and thrive.

Our PeptiGel® and PeptiInk® products are tailored to have a range of mechanical and (bio) functional properties so you can find the right matrix for your specific cells’ needs.

We have also developed a range of protocols for post culture analysis.

Cells cultured in our PeptiGel® and PeptiInk® products have been demonstrated to be suitable platforms for use in a wide range of exciting and high-growth application areas.

To see examples of how our products are being used, take a look through our Case Studies and Applications.

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