Manchester BIOGEL offers a very warm welcome to two new members of the team this month; Ash and Andy, both of whom are going to focus on the production of PeptiGels® and lab operation. Ash and Andy are raring to go in the lab to create your synthetic and reproducible PeptiGels® and are on hand to tailor mechanical strength or chemical functionality as part of our material design service.

Andy Murphy is a chemist by training and joins us with one year’s experience of running an industrial analytical laboratory as a Quality Control Analyst.

Working with Manchester BIOGEL, I hope to be able to help apply the systems which will help the company progress further and expand. I am excited to be part of the company as it is beginning to move forward and I hope to apply the skills and experience I have gained to help further the company.” -Andy

Ashley Cramer-Smith graduated this Summer from the University of Hull with a Master’s degree in Chemistry, after spending his third year on placement working as a Laboratory Technician as part of the Analytical Team at RE:Group.

During my industrial placement, I definitely had a wake-up call that I wanted to utilise the physical hands-on laboratory skills I’d acquired. The working-laboratory environment made my career choices a lot clearer, because even as a 3rd year Masters student I didn’t actually know where my degree would take me, or where I’d go with it. I realised that all the ‘useless information’ lectured throughout the years was needed and being able to apply that knowledge to real-life situations benefited me greatly. I look forwards to the opportunity to be a part of something great and better myself as a production chemist.” -Ash

Welcome to the team Andy and Ash!