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Bioprinting has been hailed as the next generation of 3D cell culture; the technique enables precise, spatial cellular arrangement through deposition of cells and their extracellular matrix component (bioink) in a layer-by-layer process.

Our family of bioinks, PeptiInks, are specifically designed for liquid handling and 3D bioprinting cell culture applications. PeptiInks are linked to our PeptiGel series, allowing you to continue using the most suitable product (e.g. Alpha1) for your cells when you transition from bench to printed 3D cell culture.

bioink products
PeptiInk Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 3 Alpha 4 Alpha 5
G'(kPa) 10 12 10 1 15
Charge Neutral Medium Low High High

PeptiInks Starter Pack

When starting with PeptiInks, we recommend our Starter Pack. This kit provides you with all five PeptiInks to test with your cells and identify the most suitable environment for your cells’ needs.

We also offer a bespoke design service to create PeptiInks with mechanical properties and functionalities specific to your research needs. Visit our service section to find out more.

peptiinks starter pack

3D cell-laden constructs of mammary epithelial cells are being printed with PeptiInks Alpha1 and Alpha4. The cells remain viable for at least seven days.

Raphael, B., et al. Mater. Lett. 2017;190:103-106.

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