Hydrogel products

Hydrogels are commonly used for cell culture applications as they provide structural support as well as the transport of cell culture media, nutrients and waste products. Our PeptiGels®, can be used for 2D and 3D cell culture and have a range of charges and mechanical stiffness to allow you to find the most suitable environment for your cells’ needs.

PeptiGel® Alpha1 Alpha2 Alpha3 Alpha4 Alpha5
G’(kPa) 5 10 5 1 14
Charge Neutral Medium Low High High

PeptiGels® Starter Pack

When starting with PeptiGels®, we recommend our Starter Pack. This kit provides you with all five PeptiGels® to test with your cells and identify the most suitable environment for your cells’ needs.

We also offer a bespoke design service to create PeptiGels® with mechanical properties and functionalities specific to your research needs. Visit our Bespoke Services section to find out more.

3D Cell Culture

Alpha5 is successfully demonstrating its use as a multicellular and multilayer matrix for the culture of epithelial cells and stromal fibroblasts as a first step towards the postendoscopic treatment for stricture management in Barrett’s oesophagus.

Kumar, D., et al. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2017;12:1702424.


Bone tissue is being formed using Alpha1 to successfully control the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblast cells.

Diaz, LAC., et al. J. Tissue Eng. 2016;7:1–15.

Wound Healing

The long-term culture of chondrocytes is demonstrated by 3D incorporation into Alpha1 for repairing damaged cartilage tissue.

Mujeeb, A., et al. Acta Biomat. 2013;9:4609.

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