Tailored products

We have spent more than a decade understanding the intricate details of our platform technology and are experts at tuning the mechanical and/or functional properties to create a bespoke PeptiGel®, specifically designed to suit your cells’ needs.

tailored products
3D Cell Culture

Functionalising PeptiGel® Alpha1 with cell signalling sequences, such as RGD, provides better cell proliferation, greatly improving cost and time savings, as well as enhancing research models and data.


Sprayable, injectable and naturally muco-adhesive PeptiGels® provide precise control over the temporal release of precious therapeutic cargo by manipulating drug-hydrogel interactions and degradability of the PeptiGels®, all through careful material design.

Manchester BIOGEL Case Study Bespoke Products

The introduction of laminin into our PeptiGel® products promotes vascular network formation in HUVECs cells for the 3D development of tumour disease models.

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