Bespoke Peptide Hydrogel Design

We have over two decades of in-depth experience understanding the intricate details of our platform technology, making us experts in tuning the chemistry, the mechanical and (bio) functional properties to create bespoke products specifically designed to suit your cells’ needs. We also tailor the material properties to fit precisely your requirements for a wide range of exciting and high-growth application areas, including cell therapies, drug delivery and high-throughput screening.

If you require specific material design characteristics or need to include a functionality or behavioural response within your hydrogel, please get in touch and find out how we can help you achieve your design goals.

Case Studies

Examples of bespoke products developed for our customers include:

Fluorescently Labelled Hydrogels

Fluorescently labelled hydrogels (yellow, red, green) have been manufactured. Such PeptiGels® were used to identify the location and lifetime of the hydrogel after spraying and/or injecting the hydrogel in vivo.

Composite Materials

Composite PeptiGels® are manufactured to control material properties, their functionality or their response to environmental conditions. Examples include the incorporation of graphene to reinforce mechanical properties, nanoparticles for delivery of specific growth factors (e.g. BMP-2), or laminin to direct cell behaviour.

Tailored Viscosity: High through-put liquid handling

The viscosity profile of our hydrogels can be tuned and designed to range from ~3-30,000Pa.s. The viscosity is important when considering 3D printing and liquid handling techniques to ensure easy flow under pressure while maintaining the structural integrity of the printed structure. For example microdroplet formation in high-throughput drug discovery work.

Drug Delivery Vehicles

Our sprayable, injectable and naturally muco-adhesive PeptiGels® can be varied systematically to provide precise control over the temporal release of therapeutic cargo by manipulating drug-hydrogel interactions and degradability of the PeptiGels®, all through careful material design. Examples of therapeutics delivered include small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, DNA/RNA and chemotherapeutics.

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