PeptiGelDesign will relaunch as Manchester BIOGEL in a move that reflects the wider reach of the company and growth success since launching in 2014.

The company provides PeptiGels – a range of highly sophisticated peptide hydrogels that provide the ideal environment for cells to grow. These hydrogels have been developed from over 15 years of research at The University of Manchester and are specifically designed to help improve the quality of drug toxicity testing and regenerative medicine, reducing the time it takes for new drugs to get to market and maximising the chance of success when regenerating damaged areas of patient’s bodies.

The superior performance of PeptiGels, compared to other hydrogels on the market, has enabled customers to develop a wide range of applications, including systems for drug toxicity testing or platforms to deliver cells to regenerate damaged areas of the body.

“I tried other hydrogels, but these either had too much batch to batch variation or were only suitable for 2D cell culture. With PeptiGel products I was able to grow 3D cell cultures, which mimicked cells behaviour in the human body, to aid my research in regenerative medicine.”

Julie Gough, Professor of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.

Funding has been key to their success and in November 2017, the company received significant investment from Kero Group, industrial investors backing cutting edge technologies. This funding has enabled growth, bringing marketing, sales and intellectual property specialists on board, as well as expanding the scientific expertise. The new, larger team will widen the company’s remit – offering superior hydrogels to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries, in addition to academia. The relaunch of PeptiGelDesign as Manchester BIOGEL will reflect the wider reach of the company, whilst recognising the world leading research on which it is founded coming out of Manchester.

Aline Miller, Chief Operations Officer at Manchester BIOGEL stated, ‘It is an exciting time for us as the relaunch will provide a high-quality backdrop to demonstrate our leading hydrogels – PeptiGels.

Manchester BIOGEL launches on Monday 25th June. Call +44 (0) 1625 238800 or email to find out more.