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Part 1 Panel Discussion Podcast

3D Cell Culture Panel Discussion

Our first Panel Discussion in the series brings together both academic and industrial professionals from across the international 3D cell culture community to discuss and explore the current challenges and opportunities faced within this field of research, and their predictions for what its future holds.

Webinar Recorded: 05.05.21

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Part 2 Panel Discussion Podcast

3D Bioprinting Panel Discussion

This panel discussion offers the exciting opportunity to listen to the experts’ first-hand experiences as to why they believe bioprinting is becoming so popular, the challenges they have faced, and their thoughts on the direction of its future!

Webinar Recorded: 02.06.21

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Welcome, Josh!

Meet Josh Shaw, our new Senior Cell Culture Scientist!

We are delighted to announce that last week we welcomed Josh Shaw to the Manchester BIOGEL team as our Senior Cell Culture Scientist. In this role, Josh will be responsible for product and protocol development within the company, whilst also contributing to the development of external scientific projects working closely with our collaborators.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day

To highlight our continued support of the recent Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day, we showcased the work of Dr. Eirini Velliou, one of our collaborators at University College London, and her research group.

Funded by 3DbioNet, the aim of Dr. Velliou’s study is to investigate the effect of hydrogel stiffness and functionalisation with different ECM proteins on the growth and survival of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) cells, supported by Manchester BIOGEL’s fully synthetic and reproducible peptide hydrogels, PeptiGels®.

By conducting a thorough investigation into the interactions between PeptiGels® and ovarian cancer cells, Dr. Velliou’s present findings and ongoing research will help to bridge the gap in the mechanistic understanding of the pathology and metastasis of the disease thereby providing a robust investigative platform for drug discovery and development.

Read the Full Case Study Here:

Case Study

PeptiGel® Organoid Starter Kit


Designed specifically for spheroid and organoid cultures, this fully defined kit allows you to find the most suitable ECM composition to support your organoid growth. It includes three of our gold-standard Alpha 4 PeptiGels®  functionalised with different variations of cell recognition sequences that are present in the native ECM, allowing you to explore their individual influence on your cells.

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