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New Product Launch!

PeptiGel®  Organoid Starter Kit

Designed specifically for spheroid and organoid cultures, this fully defined kit allows you to find the most suitable ECM composition to support your organoid growth. It includes three of our gold-standard Alpha 4 PeptiGels®  functionalised with different variations of cell recognition sequences that are present in the native ECM, allowing you to explore their individual influence on your cells.

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Celebrating World Kidney Day 2021

The Successful Growth of Kidney Organoids Using PeptiGel®

Induced pluripotent stem cell derived kidney organoids offer valuable insights into how the organ develops in the body. However, a gap remains in the understanding surrounding the optimal conditions required for the generation of kidney organoids that fully mimics the in vivo organ.

PeptiGel® and its tuneable properties offers an ideal environment in which the organoid is developing to be optimised. This has allowed Niall Treacy (UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research) to successfully grow kidney organoids in an animal-free synthetic environment.

By bridging the gap in the understanding of the optimal conditions for organoid growth, PeptiGels® offer an increased understanding of kidney organoid in-vitro modelling for toxicity testing and drug discovery.

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Upcoming Webinars this Month!

Setting Up Easy-to-Analyse Physiologically Relevant 3D Cultures for in vitro Studies
Speaker: Dr. Dammy Olayanju (Senior Scientist)
We’re joining Promega for an exciting webinar that will demonstrate how to use hydrogels for organoid and cancer studies to better simulate tissue microenvironments, along with how to validate cell-based assays in 3D microtissues to ensure accurate results.
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