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A huge congratulations to one of our customers, Dr. Helen Clough, on her first published paper!

“Neutrally charged self-assembling peptide hydrogel recapitulates in vitro mechanisms of breast cancer progression”

Helen’s paper highlights how PeptiGels® can be used to successfully mimic the 3D tumour microenvironment of breast cancer in vitro. PeptiGel® Alpha 1 was able to closely mimic the mechanical properties of breast tumour tissue and supported the viability and growth of breast cancer cell lines MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 for 14 days. In addition to this, key features of solid tumors such as hypoxia and invasion were recapitulated.

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Panel Discussion Podcast

3D Bioprinting

“Is Bioprinting the Next Generation of 3D Cell Culture?” 

This panel discussion offers the exciting opportunity to listen to the experts’ first-hand experiences as to why they believe bioprinting is becoming so popular, the challenges they have faced, and their thoughts on the direction of its future!

Webinar Recorded: 02.06.21

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Blog 1: 2D Vs 3D Cell Culture

Over the past decade, 3D cell culture has developed significantly, but researchers are still just scratching the surface, with many still keeping to traditional 2D methods.

In this blog, we explore the all-important topic of ‘2D Vs 3D cell culture’, highlighting their pros and cons and the future possibilities in saying goodbye to flat biology and the use of animals in drug discovery.

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Blog 2: PeptiGels® Vs Matrigel™

How do our PeptiGels® compare against the market-leading ECM?

This blog explores our fully synthetic PeptiGels® versus the animal derived Matrigel™, offering an insightful property comparison that sets out their key differences and highlights the beneficial characteristics you can expect.

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peptigels vs matrigel table

PeptiGel® Organoid Starter Kit

Designed specifically for spheroid and organoid cultures, this fully defined kit allows you to find the most suitable ECM composition to support your organoid growth. It includes three of our gold-standard Alpha 4 PeptiGels®  functionalised with different variations of cell recognition sequences that are present in the native ECM, allowing you to explore their individual influence on your cells.

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