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We’ve Moved!

After a busy couple of months moving and settling in, we are excited to introduce our new bespoke lab and workspace located in No.21 at Alderley Park, UK!

This milestone in Manchester BIOGEL’s journey allows us to increase our lab footprint by six times, giving the capacity to scale-up our manufacturing capabilities and conduct more in-depth product development to feed our expanding product pipeline.

The team are ready to get started and thrive in these first-class facilities!

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Application Success Story

Tendon Injury Repair with PeptiGel®

Post-operative tendon adhesions pose a major complication in tendon injury repairs. Current treatment strategies have made use of physical barriers between the tendon and the surrounding tissues to prevent adhesion formation. However, their use is limited as they lack the bioactive cues to aid tendon regeneration. The use of our self-assembling peptide hydrogels – PeptiGels® have shown potential solution to address this problem.

In a recent study published by Imere et al., PeptiGels® Alpha 4 supported the development of a bilayer membrane to act as anti-adhesion system, aiding restoration of tendon function. This study showed that these next generation gels supported good lubrication properties, 3-dimensional growth and maintenance of rabbit synoviocytes evidenced with the production of specific matrix components such as hyaluronic acid. To learn more about related studies exemplifying the use of PeptiGels®, click below.

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Product Spotlight

PeptiGel®  Alpha 4
Alpha 4 is a positively charged peptide hydrogel with tuneable mechanical stiffness properties ranging from 0.25-2 kPa, allowing you to match the stiffness to suit your experimental requirements. Alpha 4 is our best selling PeptiGel® and has been a success in many different applications such as the study above, as well as within cancer and organoid applications. These studies have shown cells to have a preference for positively charged gels, and coupled with its tuneable mechanical stiffness properties, Alpha 4 offers a good platform for investigating soft tissues.

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