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Pancreatic Cancer in vitro modelling with tuneable PeptiGels®

It was Pancreatic Cancer Awareness last month, and we decided to showcase some of the work we are doing to study the biology of pancreatic cancer disease. It is widely established that cells’ communications with their environments regulate their functions, with studies showing differences in healthy cells and cancer cells’ environments. Vital to a successful development of effective therapies lies in the ability to fully understand such environments that allow cancer cells to thrive. To achieve this, there is a need to be able to faithfully model tumour environments in vitro. The use of modular ECM matrices will allow such modelling. The ongoing study by Dr. Armando del Rio Hernandez, Imperial College London in a mechanotransduction studies of pancreatic tumours have seen the differential cellular behaviours in two different environments modelled with the use of tuneable PeptiGels®.

The use of PeptiGels® Gamma 2 (soft, healthy tissue mimicking) and Alpha 2 (stiff, tumour mimicking) successfully mimic normal and tumour environments respectively with enhanced proliferation seen in the tumour-mimicking environment. To find out more about this study or related studies, please click here. The importance of this study can also be seen from the recent KTP award granted to Dr. Armando del Rio Hernandez and Manchester BIOGEL to further elucidate the mechanisms involved in pancreatic cells with the use of our modular ECM matrix – PeptiGels®. You can read more about this grant here. To corroborate this finding, other cancer related studies with PeptiGels® are showing successful results to better mimic the native in vivo environment. Our range of mechanokits are ideal for studying such platforms. If you would like to nd out more about these studies to demonstrate the benefits of using PeptiGels®, please get in touch./p>

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Watch our 3D Cell Culture Webinar on Demand

We recently hosted a joint webinar workshop with our UK distributor, Appleton Woods, where we discussed the many advantages of 3D cell culture, and their applications within regenerative medicine and drug discovery, using fully de ned peptide hydrogels. We also demonstrated how to set up reproducible 3D assays using the hydrogels.

You can access the full recording, including a live Q&A session with Prof. Aline Miller (CEO of Manchester BIOGEL), by simply clicking here.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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