April Newsletter

We’ve been busy bees 3D bioprinting with our collaborators at the University of Manchester

Albert Ginjaume and Jessica Sykes at Manchester have been experimenting with our PeptiInks® to successfully print MBG’s bee with outstanding structural definition.

The beauty of our PeptiInks® is that they differ in their chemical (peptide sequence) and physical (charge/mechanical strength/functionality) properties to ensure high cell viability across all cell types whilst printing. Their reversible shear thinning properties allow them to be printable, and this is due to the self-assembling behaviour of the peptides, allowing the 3D structure to be instantly reformed when printed.

Our oligopeptides self-assemble in solution via non-covalent bonds such as hydrogen bonds and ionic bonds, to form ordered nanostructure assemblies. This process can be fine-tuned and controlled by changing the peptide environment, to give the desired printing properties for your needs. If you’re interested in finding out more about our PeptiInks® or any of our products please contact us here.

We remain open & are offering our services in support of COVID-19 research We are still open for business and accepting all inquiries and orders, and shipping out our products from stock the same day or next day.

We also wanted to highlight we are happy to give our time and materials FREE to any organisation that are currently working actively developing COVID-19 therapies

We also wanted to highlight we are happy to give our time and materials FREE to any organisation that are currently working actively developing COVID-19 therapies. We are all aware of the increasing efforts into developing safe therapies with efficacy to quickly address the pandemic COVID-19 disease and we want to help any way we can.

Our animal and disease-free PeptiGels® offer an ideal reproducible platform for the culture of, for example, epithelial cells to create physiologically and clinically relevant in vitro models that mimic the in vivo counterpart. For example, generating an air-liquid interface (ALI) to offer a suitable in vitro platform to delineate the pathophysiological mechanism of COVID-19’s toxicity.

We are also currently spending time in virtual meetings providing customer support and advice, for example, providing technical tutorials in setting up 3D cell cultures to provide reliable results, helping with data interpretation, and more generally finding out how PeptiGels® and PeptiInks® can help save you time and resource while increasing the reliability of your results. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your research please get in touch here.

Day in the Life of a Placement Student

Sophie is currently the Production Engineer at Manchester BIOGEL (MBG) alongside completing the third year of her Chemical Engineering degree at The University of Manchester. We asked her what a typical day was like at MBG and how the role will help her in the future. This is what she said…

“A typical morning starts with admin, emails and a team meeting. In the meeting we all discuss our plans for the foreseeable to keep everyone up to date with our work. I then move to the lab to undertake experiments related to my industrial project. My current project focuses on the scale-up of PeptiGel® production to meet with the increasing demand. These experiments can range from synthesis of gels to investigating mixing regimes. After lunch, I manipulate computer software to conduct statistical testing on the data previously collected in experiments. These are just typical examples of my daily activities; in reality, every day is completely different.

An Industrial Placement has enabled me to acquire the skills required to enhance my future career prospects. The plethora of experience has also meant my journey to become a chartered engineer has been fast tracked by a year. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities MBG has provided me.”

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