PeptiGel® Organoid Starter Kits

We’re excited to announce the launch of the all new

PeptiGel® Organoid Starter Kit

A Fully Defined Kit Designed for Spheroid and Organoid Cultures

Explore how this kit can support your organoid growth below!

The Kit

To allow you to find the most suitable ECM composition to support your organoid growth, we have designed a PeptiGel® Organoid starter Kit. The Kit includes three PeptiGels® functionalised with different variations of cell recognition sequences that are present in the native ECM, allowing you to explore the influence of them individually on your cells to help better understand their importance.

  1. PeptiGel® Alpha4-RGD
          • Fibronectin
  2. PeptiGel® Alpha4-RGD+IKVAV
          • Fibronectin &  Laminin
  3. PeptiGel® Alpha4-RGD+GFOGER
          • Fibronectin & Collagen

Alpha 4 is the PeptiGel® of choice for this kit since it has become our gold-standard gel in supporting successful organoid growth, due its specifically designed stiffness and charge.

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