3D Bioprinting: “Is Bioprinting the Next Generation of 3D Cell Culture?”

Panel Discussion Podcast

We are thrilled to have brought together four experts from across the international 3D Bioprinting community to join us for part 2 of our Panel Discussion Series.

This panel discussion offers the exciting opportunity to listen to the experts’ first-hand experiences as to why they believe bioprinting is becoming so popular, the challenges they have faced, and their thoughts on the direction of its future.

Topics Discussed:

  • The basics of bioprinting and why it is becoming a popular field of research.
  • The key characteristics to look for in a bioink, highlighting their pros and cons.
  • The reality of printing fully functioning organs and the ethical issues involved.
  • Bioprinting as a solution to replacing animal use in drug screening and disease modelling, as well as use in the clinic.

Let’s Meet the Panel:

Dr. Deepak Kalaskar
Associate Professor of Bioengineering at University College London

Dr. Deepak Kalaskar is Associate Professor of Bioengineering at University College London (UCL) Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences. His research focuses on design and development of novel medical devices and implants using 3D technologies (3D imaging, scanning, and printing) for various Musculoskeletal conditions.  Following his PhD from the University of Manchester (UK), he worked at various Universities in UK and Belgium in the area of stem cells, nanomaterials, medical device development and bioprinting before joining UCL in 2012.  

Dr. Jay Hoying 
Partner and Chief Scientist at Advanced Solutions Life Sciences

James (Jay) Hoying is a Partner and Chief Scientist with Advanced Solutions Life Sciences with more than 25 years of experience in basic and applied biological sciences with a focus in the tissue biology and tissue vascularization. Previously, he was Professor and Chief of the Division of Cardiovascular Therapeutics at the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute (CII) where he developed a broad background in tissue fabrication, cell therapeutics, and translation of discoveries to industry and the clinic. Dr. Hoying received his PhD in Cardiovascular Physiology, with an emphasis on the microcirculation, from the University of Arizona.

Dr. Andrew Lee
Head of Bioprinting and Co-Founder at FluidForm

Andrew Lee is currently the Head of Bioprinting and Co-Founder at FluidForm, a 3D bioprinting company looking to change the way we think about tissue engineering. He received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in the Regenerative Biomaterials Group led by Dr. Adam Feinberg. His Ph.D. thesis work was focused on muscle tissue engineering, leveraging bioprinting to fabricate skeletal and cardiac tissue models with complex tissues architecture as well as physiologically relevant contractile functions. Part of his thesis work on 3D bioprinting cardiac tissues and components of the human heart was published in the journal Science.

Antoine Jaquot 
Sales Manager at Poietis

Antoine is an accomplished Sales Manager professional with 7+ years’ experience in the biotech industry and a strong background in both international business development and worldwide distribution network management. He joined Poietis in 2019, a biotech company specialized in advanced 4D bioprinting solutions for translational and clinical research. Before joining Poietis, Antoine worked for over 4 years as an International Sales Manager for a British-based biomolecular imaging system manufacturer in the Life Science industry.

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