Join us in our webinar on 3D cell culture to embrace the 3Rs for clinically relevant results

We welcome you to join us on the 27th May when we are hosting a webinar with RegMedNet to discuss recent developments in 3D cell cultures. The webinar will cover all aspects of 3D cell culture, starting from the basics and moving all the way up to clinical translation. In particular we will focus on synthetic platforms, especially self-assembling peptide hydrogels (PeptiGels®) to recapitulate the in vivo microarchitecture to generate complex 3D models; this will include organoids and bioprinting. We will also look at their potential applications within regenerative medicine and drug discovery, current challenges and future directions.

The increasing use of physiologically relevant 3D cell cultures is rapidly advancing pre-clinical studies, due to their ability to mimic the in vivo environment and produce clinically relevant data. Robust use of 3D cultures makes them compliant with the 3Rs: replacement, reduction and refinement – minimizing animal use in research.

For details on how to register please click the following link:

Whether you are a novice or an expert in the area, or just looking to expand your mind, there is something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you there!

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