Manchester BIOGEL announces APPLETON WOODS as our UK distributor partner for our PeptiGel® range of synthetic hydrogels for 3D cell culture, spheroid and organoid growth and drug discovery.

We are pleased to announce that Appleton Woods have agreed to be our UK distributor partner to sell our range of synthetic peptide hydrogels – PeptiGels®. These products are specifically designed for use in 3D cell culture, spheroid and organoid growth and are chemically defined and formulated to meet every cells’ need and can be used in 2D and 3D cell culture.

The benefits of the PeptiGels® are that they are animal free, and chemically defined with no batch to batch variation so produce consistent results time after time. They can be used at room temperature for the mixing of cells and plate coating so are convenient to work with. They are modular so you can tailor the mechanical and functional environment to your specific cell type. Being transparent they are also compatible with most imaging techniques which is a real benefit that many researchers will want as a product feature.

Professor Aline Miller – CEO of Manchester BIOGEL – said “We are very excited to establish this relationship with Appleton Woods and work together with new customers to extend the reach and application areas of our PeptiGels®” Dr Stewart Sale – Reagent Product Specialist at Appleton Woods commented that “This is an exciting opportunity for both companies, and we look forward to working together to make these products available to our customers working in the 3D cell culture field and improving their in vitro model systems to generate more clinically relevant and reproducible results” said.

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