Ash’s Experience Volunteering at the COVID-19 Lighthouse Lab Testing Centre

Earlier this year to support the national fight against COVID-19, and in response to the growing national need to increase the number of coronavirus tests taking place each day, the Government set up a national diagnostic lab network across the UK. These are known as The Light House Labs, and one of these is happens to be next door to us at MBG in Alderley Park, Cheshire. When the call for experienced workers to join this initiative was released our Laboratory Manager, Ash, was enthused and decided to seize the opportunity to make a difference in a unique environment.

Here, Ash tells us of his experience working there over the past 3 months:

“My time at the Lighthouse COVID-19 testing was enjoyable, and whilst learning new skills and meeting a wide range of like-minded scientists, it involved a lot of hard work to meet the government’s set quota. A daily working schedule involved a combined team effort testing a high number of nasopharyngeal swab samples and analysing results, in an efficient and effective manner allowing for fast feedback to the patients and the NHS. Together, this allowed guided decisions to be taken by the health care system, the patients and the general public to curtail the further spread of the disease.”

“Working at the UK Lighthouse COVID 19 Lab exposed me to a wide range of scientific disciplines and pushed me to broaden my current skillset. I am proud to be an employee of Manchester BIOGEL, and in particular that it is providing its synthetic hydrogels for the growth of cells suitable for COVID-19 studies to research groups across the UK. As I resume back to my normal company role in July, I am very enthusiastic to work on the new opportunities around COVID-19 related projects and I believe together, we can combat the deadly virus.”

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