Peptide Hydrogels for in vitro Cancer Modelling & Drug Discovery

We are redefining cell culture with fully synthetic peptide hydrogels that have been proven successful in supporting a range of cancer applications. Our PeptiGels® can be fine-tuned mechanically and functionally to create an in vitro environment that mimics the in-vivo, and essentially any human tissue. They are supplied ready-to-use and chemically defined with no batch-to-batch variability, giving you reliable and reproducible results whilst saving both time and resource.

Discover some of our most compelling cancer success stories below!

Core Technology Benefits:

Successful Cancer Applications Using PeptiGel®:        

PeptiGels® can Mimic both Healthy and Pancreatic Cancer Tumour Tissue Properties

Dr Armando Del Rio Hernandez’s research group (Imperial College London) have used PeptiGels® to mimic the mechanical and chemical environment of both healthy and cancer tissue. Results showed the tumour mimicking PeptiGel® (stiff and acidic) to induce a biomechanical response in PDAC suit-2 cells, resulting in an increased proliferation (expression of Ki67).

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PeptiGels® can Support the Formation of a 3D Breast Cancer Tumour

PeptiGel® stiffness can be modulated to mimic breast cancer tissue, and they can also be functionalised with ECM proteins and cell recognition sequences to increase cell proliferation and survival.

Olga Tsigkou’s research group (University of Manchester) have used PeptiGels® to support the growth of a 3D tumour model using MCF-7 breast cancer cells, HUVEC, and MSC cells. This is a very promising solution for studying 3D in-vitro tumour models using animal free materials, for drug discovery applications.

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PeptiGel®  Alpha 1 & 4

PeptiGel®  Gamma 2

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